Turn your
dead NFT into a

(Not affiliated with Spirit Halloween lol.)


  • 1
    Choose your dead NFT

  • 2
    We burn it

  • 3
    You get a new NFT that’s now a Spirit Halloween store



The NFT market has been extra spooky this year. Trading volumes have tanked, leaving us saddled with the ghastly remains of abandoned jpegs that might not turn into shares of private islands after all.

In the flesh-bound world, there is a savior in situations like these. When Blockbusters are boarded up and Circuit Cities sell their shelving, the merciful reaper of Spirit Halloween appears to resurrect their rotting corpses into costume carnivals that brighten the dusky firmament of fallen strip malls.

We’re not Spirit, but we’re bringing their macabre miracle to the blockchain. Give us a dead NFT, we’ll burn it, and then give you a new version that’s been graced by Spirit Halloween. It’s free, and all you have to lose is a token that gave up the ghost months ago anyway.



  • How does this work?

    Connect your wallet and we’ll show you all the NFTs you own. Pick one, we burn it, and then give you a new NFT that shows your old NFT transformed into a Spirit Halloween store.

  • How much does it cost?

    The tokens are free, and we make no money from you minting them. You will have to pay a little gas for the transaction though. None of that ETH goes to us.

  • Are you affiliated with Spirit Halloween?

    Not in any way. We’re fans of Spirit Halloween, love what they do for abandoned stores, and we want to do the same thing for abandoned NFTs.

  • Does this work with every NFT?

    Sure doesn’t! We’ll do our best, but we might not be able to load all your NFTs. We only support NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. More exotic formats like videos, SVGs, HTML pages, and 3D models might not work, depending on how the creators structured their metadata.

    If the token doesn’t look right before you select it, it probably won’t look right after it’s been transformed.

    Recently minted NFTs might not show up immediately. NFTs that don’t follow the ERC721 or ERC1155 standards probably won’t work.

  • What if it doesn’t work?

    If the transformation fails, we'll usually tell you before your old NFT is burned or any gas is spent. But there is a chance your old NFT could be burned and your new one will look weird or not get minted. Burning is irreversible and we can’t refund gas fees.

    This is a haunted experiment. Only try it with NFTs you’re okay losing.

  • What does it actually mean to burn one of my NFTs?

    To make your Spirit-ified NFT, we first transfer your NFT to us, then we send it to the "dead address" on the Ethereum chain. That’s the common way Web3 projects burn tokens. No one controls that address, so NFTs sent there are stuck there forever. Spooky!

  • What are technical details?

    Come journey into our crypt!

    We search and display your NFTs off-chain using Alchemy’s API. New images and metadata are created off-chain then distributed on IPFS. Our smart contract receives your NFT, burns it, then mints a new ERC721 token. The metadata includes the original token’s address and id.

  • How many can I mint?

    You can mint one at a time. We're currently limiting it to a total of 10 per wallet to spread the Spirits around.

  • Can I turn an NFT I already turned into a Spirt into another Spirit NFT?

    Um, sure.